Keep On Sketchin

It's the last month of 2012 which means it's almost the new years.  I was inactive for the past few days because I don't have the confidence or time to post something.  While it's the last month for 2012, I will try to post some sketches.  Anyways, here are some observational sketches at the SF Zoo. Sketches were done on sharpie and some copic markers. 


Let's Drwaw

I'm back from CTNx and had a blast!  I met a lot of great artist and doodled with friends around the city.  I'm definitely coming back next year.  Since I have a 4 day break, I'm pumped to drwaw.  All that CTNx mojo is still building and I'm enjoying every moment of it.



I'm taking a character design class at the Animation Collaborative and it has been an exciting ride.  I have a more sketches that I haven't scanned... I should get to it. 

Some assignments that I've done in class.



Color test


Refined version

So, since majority of my buds from work have bloggers, I decided to start one too and I also have a tumblr at with some zoo sketches...
My goal here is to share and post up stuff I sketch whether character design or animation and to connect with a lot of artist.

That said, I created a little mascot dude name Jango. Haha

- Cheers :)